The Legend Hotel Fuchun River Tonglu is a platinum 5-star luxury hotel invested by The Legend Club Macau. The Legend Club Macau is a multinational investment group mainly engaged in tourism, entertainment and hospitality, etc. The Legend Club also possess outstanding landmarks like The Macau Landmark Hotel, Macau Fisherman’s Wharf and Legendale Hotel Beijing.

The hotel is of 150 meters height, the gross area is more than 80,000 square meters. The whole building has 40 floors and 2 basements, more than 300 luxurious guestrooms and amazing stylish suites. Moreover, we have a grand banquet hall with capacity of over 1,000 people, Chinese and western restaurants, conference and extensive meeting rooms, etc. We also provide entertainment facilities like the largest hotel swimming pool, SPA and KTV, etc, which will be the focus point of Fuchun River. We would like to invite highly motivated individuals to join our team!

  • 市场销售部 Sales & Marketing

    高级销售经理/销售经理 Senior Sales Manager/ Sales Manager

    高级宴会销售经理/宴会销售经理Senior Banquet Sales Manager/Banquet Sales Manager

    销售主任Sales Executive

    电子商务主管 E-commerce Supervisor

    设计经理 Graphic Manager

    前厅部Front Office
    值班经理 Duty Manager

    前台接待主管/礼宾主管/宾客服务中心主管 Reception Supervisor/Concierge Supervisor/Guest Service Center Supervisor

    宾客关系主任 Guest Relation Officer

    前台接待 Front Office Associates

    礼宾员/行李生/门童 Concierge/Bell Boy/Doorman/Doorgirl

    人力资源部 Human Resources

    学习与发展经理 Learning&Development Manager

    培训经理/培训主管 Training Manager/Training Officer

    客房部 Housekeeping

    救生员 Life Guard


    瑜伽教练/舞蹈老师 Yoga Instructor/ Dance Instructor

    SPA技师 Beauty Therapist

  • 餐饮部Food & Beverages

    餐饮部行政助理 F&B Administration Assistant

    咖啡厅主管/酒水部主管 Cafe RIV.Supervisor/Beverage Supervisor

    中/西餐服务生 Chinese/Western Restaurant Associates

    餐饮实习生 Trainee

    西厨厨师长 Western Kitchen Sous Chef

    饼房厨师 Pastry Chef

    管事主管 Stewarding Supervisor

    IT 协调员 IT Coordinator

    IT主管 IT Supervisor

    成本控制/信贷/审计经理 Cost Control/Credit/Chief Income Audit Manager

    总账主管/应收主管/应付主管/收入审计主管 General Ledger/Account Receivable/Account Payable/Auditor Supervisor


    弱电高级工程师 Low Voltage Senior Engineer

    强电工/弱电工/锅炉工/机修工 High Voltage Technican/ Low Voltage Technican/Boiler/Engine Room

    保安部 Security

    保安员Security Officer

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